Importance of Root Canal to maintain oral health

Importance of Root Canal Treatment
19 Jul 2021

Importance of Root Canal to maintain oral health

Dental caries and tooth infections are probably the most common ailments of our teeth. We generally ignore our teeth till they are infected. A simple toothache can affect our daily activities like eating and talking drastically. 

In earlier times, the only treatment for an infected tooth was tooth extraction. But now, popular scientific opinion is that our natural body parts are always better than artificial ones. So, according to this opinion, most dentists do not prefer tooth extraction anymore. So, what is the option in case your teeth become infected? 

A root canal treatment. Because of significant scientific advancements, dentists can now save your natural tooth. We will see what is the importance of root canal treatment to maintain oral health through this article.

Why choose a Root Canal Treatment? 

Root canal treatment in Delhi has two main benefits over conventional tooth extraction: 

  1. It helps remove the infection from the tooth.
  2. It helps preserve your natural tooth. 

Preservation of our natural teeth clearly demonstrates the importance of root canal treatment. But many people are apprehensive about a root canal procedure because they have the misconception that it is a very painful procedure. That’s not completely true. 

A root canal treatment is a relatively effortless procedure and is virtually a painless experience. Your dentist will numb the affected area by local anesthesia before starting the procedure. You will feel no or minimal discomfort during the procedure.

What is the purpose of a Root Canal Treatment? 

Our teeth are made of 3 layers – enamel, dentine, and pulp. The pulp of our teeth contains all the blood vessels and nerves that provide nutrition to our teeth. 

Food particles get stuck between the teeth when we do not maintain good oral hygiene by not brushing and flossing regularly. These food particles are then acted upon by microbes that cause plaque formation. This sets the right environment for harmful bacteria to infect our teeth. 

When the bacteria infect our teeth’ outer enamel and dentine, we do not feel any pain or discomfort because they have no nerves. The only way to identify infection at this point is when the dentists visually see the infection. Once the bacteria reach the pulp, we start experiencing pain and discomfort. 

This is the stage where most people consult with their dentists regarding their symptoms. Root canal treatment is done to save these infected teeth. This infection has to be removed to prevent its spread. This shows the importance of root canal treatment to maintain good oral health. 

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What is the procedure of Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment in Delhi is usually performed by a dentist or an endodontist. Typically, root canal treatment involves the following steps, depending on your infection. 


  1. On your first visit to the dentist, your doctor will examine your tooth and also take X-rays to check the severity of the infection. He will also prescribe you pain medications that will help reduce any pain or discomfort you might have. 
  2. Before the root canal treatment is initiated,  local anesthesia will be given that numbs the area so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.
  3. Once your infected area is adequately anesthetized, a rubbery sheet called a dental dam is placed over it. This dental dam prevents any saliva from entering the field. 
  4. Using special equipment, your dentist will remove decaying parts of your tooth. All the tooth debris is also removed. 
  5. After this step, a small hole is made in your tooth. Your dentist will access the pulp of your tooth through this hole. 
  6. The pulp material is removed completely. This is not an issue for the tooth as it can get its nutrition from the surrounding tissues. The empty space is flushed with either water or sodium hypochlorite solution. 
  7. After the pulp is completely removed, your dentist will check the extent of the infection. If you do not have any active infection, he will close the cavity with a permanent filling. You might require a dental crown after root canal treatment is complete. 
  8. But if you have an active infection, it has to be entirely removed before you can get the filling. So, to cure the infection, your dentist will fill the cavity with an antibiotic. This antibiotic is kept in the cavity for about a week. Till that time, a temporary filling is put in the cavity to prevent saliva and food particles from entering the cavity. 
  9. If the infection has spread to your gums, you will also be given oral antibiotics. 
  10. Once the infection is cured, a permanent filling is done, and a dental crown is placed.

Complications and Risks of Root Canal Treatment 

Like any other dental procedure, root canal treatment has some risks and complications, such as: 

  • Severe pain or pressure 
  • Swelling in the oral cavity
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Feeling of uneven bite, etc.


While a root canal treatment is a relatively safe procedure, you can experience these complications if you do not choose a skilled, qualified professional for your root canal treatment. Thus, it is essential that you choose only the best dental clinic in Delhi

You will get the best root canal treatment in Delhi at the Coral Dental clinic. They provide the best service at affordable costs. The average cost of root canal treatment in Delhi ranges between INR 6000 to INR 8000. 


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