Root Canal Treatment: Purpose, Procedure, and Cost

Root Canal Treatment
23 Apr 2021

Root Canal Treatment: Purpose, Procedure, and Cost

Are you experiencing dental pain and think that you might have decay? Wait no more and receive the best root canal treatment in Delhi. Early management of your condition can save a natural tooth before the worsening of a dental condition. Below is everything you require to know about the root canal procedure and the dental concerns that it can effectively treat.

Table Of Contents :-

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  1. What is a Root Canal Treatment?
  2. When is a Root Canal Needed?
  3. How is a Root Canal Performed?
  4. Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi

1. What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Your tooth is composed of 2 parts as follows:

  • The root of your tooth (beneath the gum line)
  • The visible crown of your tooth (above the gum line)

Together with this, the tooth also contains different layers as follows:

  • The topmost layer is the enamel
  • The second layer is the dentin
  • The final layer is the nerve tissue or pulp of the tooth.

The pulp tissue stretches from the dental crown to the extreme of the root. It forms a branched or continuous single canal space known as the root canal/s or root canal space/s.

As decay occurs in the crown of a tooth, it penetrates the enamel, dentin and eventually reaches the pulp or the nerve. Dental decay is an irreversible phenomenon.

By nature, the dental enamel is the most significant layer of a tooth but is dead tissue. Hence, decay in the enamel is usually not felt in the form of any pain or sensitivity. As a result, patients often fail to report this to a dental clinic. A regular checkup can sometimes help detect early enamel decay or caries and help solve the problem using a simple filling.

However, when dental decay penetrates the second layer or the dentin, you may experience sensitivity to cold. As the decay approaches closer to the pulp, you may feel pain or sensitivity to hot things.

Signs of dental pain or thermal sensitivity are all because of damage to the pulp. This requires a root canal treatment for cleaning your canal space and helping to save the affected tooth.

The procedure helps remove bacteria from the affected root canal, prevent the tooth from getting reinfected and protect your natural tooth. Root canal treatment in Delhi involves the following steps:

  • Eliminating the infected or inflamed pulp
  • Carefully cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth
  • Filling or sealing the treated root canal

2. When is a Root Canal Needed?

You may require root canal treatment in Delhi if you suffer from any of the following dental conditions:

  • Sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Food lodgement near a certain tooth

Sometimes, you may not develop symptoms of dental sensitivity or pain. However, the X-ray or radiograph may point at certain alterations in the bone below a tooth. This also implies that you need early root canal treatment.

3. How is a Root Canal Performed?

When you first report to the dentist, he/she uses an electric pulp tester to assess your dental condition and the severity of inflammation in the nerve.

Then root canal treatment is performed under rubber dam isolation and local anesthesia. Rubber dam isolation helps prevent canal space contamination with your saliva. This helps the filling materials to function better without saliva contamination. All the parts in the oral cavity like the cheek, tongue, etc. are covered. Hence, the dentist can easily see the tooth that he/she wants to treat. Any risk of injury is warded off.

The dentist removes the decay of your tooth with micro-sized burs (which help eliminate only the dental decay and not the healthy tooth) and accesses the canals. The root canal space is too small to see it clearly with the naked eye. Hence, the best dental clinic in Delhi uses magnification to help perform the procedure with utmost precision.

The dental anatomy differs from one tooth to another. Hence, it’s important to understand the anatomy of this space properly. Missing any canal or failure to analyse all canals minutely may cause postsurgical discomfort to you. After the canals are accessed, they are cleaned and shaped using top-quality irrigation solutions and a set of endodontic files. The solutions help reach the tiny loops and bends and loops in the canals that are difficult to access with a tool alone. That good-quality irrigation is the most vital step of endodontic therapy is often not acknowledged. A good dental clinic ensures to employ heated irrigants that are activated inside your canal with high-end equipment. This helps fully eliminate any unwanted content inside the canal space like debris, pus, and dead nerve tissues. After the cleaning process, the canals are sealed with thermoplasticized Gutta-percha (a filling material for a root canal). Warm Gutta-Percha adapts itself to the canal shape and thus, provides the best seal.

After the endodontic therapy is done, the crown of the treated tooth is sealed using a Dual Cure Resin filling material. Now your tooth is ready to get a prosthesis in the form of a veneer, onlay, or crown.

4. Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Delhi :-

The following factors determine the cost of root canal treatment in Delhi:

  • The reputation of the dental clinic and professional :-

A certified dental expert at a reputed dental clinic ensures better treatment success and safety. Hence, the fees can be higher but you can avail of any ongoing discounts on the clinic’s website to remove cost-related worries!

  • Modern equipment :-

This again ensures a higher treatment success and safety and hence, the higher cost is worth the results.

  • The complexity of your case :-

If your dental condition is more severe, costs may increase.

  • The tooth being treated :- 

Certain teeth like the molars contain more root canals and therefore, may cost more to be filled.

Coral Dental is the best dental clinic in Delhi. It is led by Dr. Srishti Punjani, a government-certified dental specialist, who offers high-quality root canal treatment in Delhi with 4 years of experience in the various fields of dentistry. Consult her now to receive the best dental restoration treatment and avail of the current discounts for up to 20% on the dental treatment cost.

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