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    Techniques involved in Cosmetic Smile Makeover

    The most efficient and long-lasting way of enhancing a smile is by using wafer-thin stain-proof shells of ceramic (lithium disilicate) or Composite which can be bonded on the front/visible surface of your tooth. This can be understood by imagining veneers as contact lenses for your teeth. They change the way a tooth appears in terms of size, shape and colour and can transform your smile into one you only dreamt of till now.

    How the Procedure is done at Coral Dental

    When you first report to the clinic, we take an hour-long consultation regarding what things we will be working on. A slight alteration in upper/lower front 4 to 10 teeth can greatly enhance how beautiful a smile can look.

    In the first appointment, we prefer to study the facial dimensions, skin tone, symmetry, the width of the nose, lip activity, lip fullness etc. Digital treatment records are taken and the number of teeth we will be working on to enhance the smile is decided. To create accurate simulations, facial photographs while talking, smiling and laughing are also taken. These records are then used to create a digital simulation of your new smile in software. this simulation is transferred to a model as a test-drive that can be used to check how the smile might look in your second appointment.

    In your second appointment, we prepare the angles of your original teeth in the dimensions we would finally want them to be in. This time we try our new set inside the mouth which would help the patient to visualize their future smile. Facial photographs are taken again and final simulation and veneers are then crafted. This procedure involves top-end ceramic material which looks so life-like that even at a 4-inch distance it’s hard to tell. The final shade of the veneer is usually taken in the most brilliant white natural shade which suits the skin tone.

    Microesthetics like the angle between the teeth, the surface and texture of the veneer are given great importance.

    While crafting veneers, we layer each veneer in about 9 shades each to simulate the exact shade that suits your skin and smile exposure.
    Cosmetic dentistry is an art of creating a perfect smile for every face because each face deserves one.

    Cost of the procedure

    The cost of the procedure includes the facial study, digital smile design, temporary veneers and the final set.
    The cost depends broadly on the number of teeth we would be working on.
    Cost per veneer can be anywhere between 5000- 18,000 INR depending on the material and case.
    On an average upper 6-10 units might be required to finish the case. Sometimes we might go with upper 6 and lower 6 depending on what the case demands.

    Is Cosmetic Dentistry for you?

    Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone who wants a lovely smile. If you are getting married or are a model, an entrepreneur, into aviation, hospitality or love to look good it could boost your chances in landing the perfect deal with your state of the art Smile that we carefully and minutely craft at Coral Dental

    Does It Hurt?

    It’s a painless procedure . The chances of having pain are minimal.

    Do we have to remove veneers?

    No, once the veneers are bonded on your teeth they’re going to stay there.

    Can we bite with veneers?

    Veneers are just like your original enamel. Care and maintanence for veneers is the same as that of your own teeth.

    Can I get a very white smile with veneers?

    We can achieve the shade of white which we desire with veneers. This is not true with chemical bleaching. In chemical bleaching shade enhancement is possible upto only a couple of shades.

    A large part of how our face looks is to do with the appearance of our smile. As per statistics, our smile contributes 43% to facial aesthetics. Hair, eyes, skin take up the remaining 57%. If your face is in perfect symmetry, you can look effortlessly beautiful. This finds great relevance in today’s world where our appearance determines how confident we feel about ourselves.
    Anybody who wants to cosmetically alter the way their teeth appear is a good candidate for this treatment.

    Major procedures that are dealt with under this treatment:

    1. Changing Tooth Shape:

    as per the way your face is structured, a particular shape of your teeth can enhance the way you look. An angular face might need softer and less angular teeth and vice a versa. A shorter face might be complemented with sharper teeth.

    2. Changing Tooth Size:

    we can elongate or shorten the size of the teeth using porcelain or composite veneers. A tall person might need teeth that compliment his built. Big teeth on a short heightened person can seem as if the teeth are protruding out.

    3. Changing tooth shade:

    who does not love white teeth. It’s said that yellow teeth can dampen the confidence of a person by a great deal. We can permanently change the shade of the teeth by using porcelain or composite laminates/veneers

    4. Gummy Smile:

    A huge amount of gum showing can prevent someone from laughing. This can further lead to gestures of trying to hide their teeth or smile and getting conscious.

    5. Gaps:

    Gaps in teeth can also be treated very effectively with veneers. Gaps greatly influence the way we are perceived by others.

    6. Dark gums:

    Dark gums also are a big concern for some patients. Depigmentation procedures using laser and other techniques can lighten the gum colour and boost their confidence.

    7. Tooth jewellery:

    Placing a certified jewel meant for the oral cavity, designed to be placed at the most beautiful angle in your smile can lighten your smile up.

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