Dental Braces in Delhi

Dental braces in Delhi

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    Dental braces are devices used to correctly align and straighten your teeth so that they grow in the correct direction. Many people believe that dental braces are merely for aesthetic purposes. They often overlook the fact that misaligned teeth can cause a variety of gum disorders. This can eventually lead to tooth/teeth loss. As a result, dental braces are a necessity. Coral Dental, with its finest orthodontists in the country, provides effective dental braces in Delhi at a nominal cost. This pleases the clients and makes them happy.

    What are Dental Braces?

    Dental braces are usually constructed with wires, brackets and bands. They help to rectify abnormal tooth alignment, misaligned jaw, overbite or underbite and also contribute to aesthetics.


    Now-a-days, with advancements in medical sciences and technology, braces can be customised into a removable appliance called ‘aligners’ or informally, ‘invisible braces’. This has become a popular choice, especially among adults and is chosen over the conventional braces. Few choose this for aesthetic purposes, while few opt for comfort as metal braces can be uncomfortable in the beginning.

    How do Braces Work?

    Braces operate by applying pressure to your teeth over time to reposition them in a gradual manner in a specified direction. Brackets are little fasteners that are affixed to your teeth while you wear braces. These brackets are connected by a thin metal wire known as an archwire. The archwire is progressively adjusted to generate force, which causes your teeth to move into the ideal position. The bone underneath them also changes form. Braces work better in teenagers as their jaws are more flexible, although there is no age restriction to get braces.

    When are Dental Braces Needed? Everything About Dentition

    Dentition is the arrangement of teeth in any organism. For humans, primarily there are two types of dentition, deciduous and permanent. A deciduous dentition, also called primary dentition, is nothing but the milk teeth, while permanent dentition refers to adult teeth. When there is a transition from primary to permanent dentition, a lot of changes take place in the jaw. Sometimes the resultant permanent dentition might not be proper which may result in:

    1. Crowding of teeth, that may result in oral hygiene issues and further cause cavities.
    2. An improper bite that can cause difficulty in chewing.
    3. Periodontal conditions such as bleeding, receding gum and tooth loss that is a consequence of crooked teeth.
    4. Yellowing of teeth due to calculus deposits.
    5. The gap between the teeth that can lead to a speech impediment.

    All of the above conditions require dental braces as later on the conditions will deteriorate even more and may require complex surgeries.


    What are the Types of Dental Braces?

    A patient has the freedom to choose what kind of braces they want under the guidance of their orthodontist. The various types of dental braces available are:

    • Conventional metal braces

    As the name suggests, these are traditional types of braces, however far more comfortable than the earlier ones. These are non-removable and have plastic wires that come in various colours and can be worn by anyone.


    • Ceramic braces

    They are similar to traditional metal braces, with the exception that the brackets in ceramic braces are non-metal and made of ceramic. Because ceramic merges with the colour of the teeth, it seems less conspicuous. They are ideal for people who feel self-conscious about their braces. It requires special care as it is more fragile and big.

    • Invisible braces/aligners

    Invisible braces/aligners are braces that have no wire or bracket and are constructed using medical-grade plastic/silicon. Since they are entirely invisible, the aesthetic concerns of braces among adults and teenagers have been taken care of. Moreover, aligners are removable and thus make them more comfortable and hygienic. Clear aligners can also be used to conceal existing gaps.

    • Lingual braces

    Lingual braces are also a kind of invisible braces that are positioned behind the teeth. And thus like aligners, these kinds of braces also take care of the cosmetic concerns of braces and work just fine in aligning the teeth. 

    • Self-ligating braces 

    Unlike the metal braces, which bind the archwire to the brackets, self-ligating braces have a built-in mechanism. This form of ligation differs from typical braces which use small elastic bands or metal ties to hold the archwire in place.

    What is the Cost of Dental Braces in Delhi?

    The cost of dental braces in Delhi is determined by numerous factors, the most important of which are the patient’s condition and other medical requirements. Besides these, the type of braces chosen, the number of intermediate treatments necessary, etc., all influence the cost of braces; hence, there is no standard cost of braces. Before fixing the dental braces, the dentist assesses your condition after taking an X-ray and correcting any cavities. Only after these preliminary treatments, a dentist can quote the cost of braces. The typical cost of dental braces in Delhi is INR 30,000 onwards which may be paid in installments. For more information visit Coral Dental, the best dental clinic in Delhi.

    Taking Care of Your Braces

    1. If you have metal braces, avoid eating sticky, greasy foods as they can get stuck between the braces.
    2. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks and biting directly.
    3. Brush, gargle and floss after every meal to avoid any buildup of food residual on your braces.
    4. Visit your dentist for regular tightening and follow-ups.

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