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    A Straight, Beautiful Smile

    Orthodontic treatment/ Braces Treatment refers to the application of soft continuous mechanical forces to move teeth into their correct alignment.

    A straighter smile not only looks fantastic but has plenty of functional benefits. When teeth are crowded/crooked, the brush does not contact all surfaces equally and can lead to a collection of plaque and eventually decay of teeth. Crowded or crooked teeth can also make your upper and lower teeth bite incorrectly which could cause many issues in the oro-facial complex. Some of these issues are jaw pain, muscle soreness, headaches, deep bite leading to heavy biting force and premature wearing out of teeth.

    Orthodontic Treatment orthodontic


    When should you get braces done?

    Braces for a child need to be placed when enough permanent teeth have erupted. The assessment can be done between 8-14 years. When a child reaches puberty, his/her jawbones show a growth spurt. If there is a growth pattern that we need to alter(like the upper jaw being more forward than lower or vice versa), appliances can be used at this age for growth modification. There is no upper limit for braces. Once the bone growth stops around 18 years, the case might just take a couple of extra weeks to accomplish the desired result. But with the advent of newer wires, clear aligners etc. the duration of adult orthodontics has become very short in comparison to older times.

    What are the types?

    There are many systems and materials that are available.

    On the basis of material:
    Metal braces: The Brackets and wire used for treatment are made of stainless steel. The success of these is time- tested and the treatment is entirely controlled by the orthodontist. Aesthetically due to newer options available patients have started disliking the metallic appearance.

    Ceramic braces: These are made of ceramic which appears white. The wire that is used is also white and hence makes this the material of choice for people who like their braces to be less conspicuous aesthetically. Success and treatment style is the same as that of metal ones.

    Clear Aligners/ Invisalign: Clear aligners are the new-age cousins of braces. They are very superior in mechanics and appearance. They come in the form of trays for upper and lower teeth. These are absolutely clear/ invisible and hence patient acceptance is very high. Each tray is to be worn for 15 days each and the treatment time is usually controlled by the patient themselves. These modern braces are the go-to choice for adults/teens who do not like the appearance of traditional braces.

    Invisible Braces/ Invisalign

    nvisalign is a brand of clear aligners which is fabricated in the US and shipped to India. These aligners are the most time tested and hence the most expensive. They come in various categories like Lite, Express, moderate and comprehensive. They can carry out even complex movements with relative ease and do not require the patient to visit the clinic very frequently.

    Once the patient wishes to go for Invisalign, a certified scan is arranged from the company and treatment simulation is obtained on the spot. The patient gets to know the tentative treatment outcome. Once the scan is completed, patient profiling is done and the clinical treatment plan is ordered. This plan is received in 2-4 weeks, once approved by the provider and the patient, aligners are printed and shipped to India.

    Each aligner is to be worn by the patient for 22 hours per day for 15 days. Aligners should be removed while eating to avoid staining due to food. The retainers are provided in this treatment as a part of the treatment cost.

    Some other Indian and European aligner brands are also available but need to be planned according to specific cases.

    How the procedure is done at coral dental?

    When the patient first visits Coral Dental, we analyse what treatment options would suit him. As per the age, growth pattern and tooth size-arch discrepancy we finalise the treatment. Profile photographs are taken.

    Once we have chosen the type of braces we are going for, we get treatment records like full mouth x-ray (OPG), Lateral Cephalogram etc. done for the patient.

    Therapeutic extractions if they are needed are carried out and the treatment is started. The gap between appointments is decided between 3 and 10 weeks depending on the wire that is being used.
    The retainers are designed once the treatment is over and the patient is supposed to wear them for the next 1-2 years.

    Do we need to extract a tooth to do braces?

    This may not always be the case. It depends on the tooth size and space available in the arch. To correct massive discrepancy we might need to extract 2/4 teeth depending on the diagnosis.

    How long does a braces treatment take?

    The treatment would depend on the kind of movements we want to carry out in a patient’s mouth. Intrusion, extrusion, rotations etc. on an average the braces treatment can take anywhere between 8 months to 2 years. Once the braces treatment is over, its important that the patient wears retainers in the subsequent year to prevent any kind of relapse.

    How to Maintain Braces ?

    When the braces are being worn by the patient, it is likely that the food lodgment increases. Brackets and wires trap food and this can lead to tooth decay. Oral hygiene maintenance and frequency scaling are of utmost importance during braces treatment.
    At Coral Dental we aim to achieve holistic oral care for our patients. Negligence of any aspect can cause great inconvenience.


    Metal braces cost anywhere between – 25,000-40,000.
    Ceramic braces: due to super aesthetics they cost 25-30% more than metal braces.
    Clear aligners: this modern technique costs the highest. The range can be anywhere between 1lakh to 3.5 lakhs

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